We have joined forces with the creative and talented crew at one of Norways most famous tattoo studio, Blue Arms Tattoo.

We gave them artistic freedom on all our products from the Mandinka Tribe collection.

This has resulted in a limited collection that is only for sale for a limited period. Be quick!

Artboard 2.png

Blue Arms Tattoo x Demba Oslo

Artboard 1.png

We will release two new rings every month designed by a new artist each month. 

Tony "Tonybluearms" Nilsson

Hans "Hansebluearms" Heggum

Nicholas "Nicholasbluearms" Henriksen

Christoffer "Chrisbluearms" Woien

Christian "Christianbluearms" Horseng

+ Special surprise

The rings are handmade and produced by local blacksmiths from Gambia and engraved in Norway.

  • Tony Blue Arms
  • Hanse Blue Arms
  • Nicolas Blue Arms
  • Chris Blue Arms
  • Christian Blue Arms

Foto: Thomas Wietse